Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Thinking of You, Paris....

Happy Tuesday, Crafty Folks!  Yesterday, I shared my first Sweet N Sassy Stamps tutorial over at the SNSS blog.....what kind of friend would I be if I didn't share it right here, also?  

Like many of you, I've been watchful, concerned and heartbroken over the happenings recently in France.  I took some of that emotion and put it to paper and ink, as I so often do.  It's therapeutic.  It's the process, though and not the outcome.  Don't get me wrong.....I like the outcome, but the process is the important part.  Don't lose that.  I'm encouraging you to process.  Take the outline below--doesn't matter the images you use or even the colors.  Just go to town....feel it....purge it....pray over it....whatever your "it" might be.

During release week, at Sweet N Sassy Stamps, I received many wonderful comments, which totally made my heart smile, on my Parisian Postcard collage card, so I thought I'd show everyone how I created the vibrant background that seemed to captivate so many.  Plus, I added a design-ie twist ;)

You will need:
Black Archival Ink (Permanent, Waterproof Ink)
Water Mister
Watercolor Paper, Designer Paper
Post It Notes
Cutting Tools:  Trimmer/Scoring Tool, Scissors, Straight Edge
Large Focal Stamp

The first step of my project was to prepare my card front, which was my main palette.  I cut my water color paper to 4” x 5 ¼”.  Then, I stamped the focal image off to one side, keeping in mind the cut panel I had in mind.  I also stamped the image on a post it note and trimmed it as a mask for my card front image.

Next, I placed my card front in my tres chic spray booth…..(it’s just a box…..with the sides taped up to avoid over spray….)

And, added several sprays of Dylusions ink!  The colors I used:  Postbox Red, Crushed Grape and Pure Sunshine.  Be generous…you can always remove the sprays with paper towel if it gets to be too much.  Then, you just start over ;)

Next, spritz water on the whole project.  This will encourage the inks to blend.  Don’t be afraid to let the inks puddle.

I like to roll the inks around my water color paper.  I use the paper towel to asorb the excess ink that pools at the paper’s edge.  I rarely use paper towel to absorb directly as this tends to mute the vibrant colors I’m seeking as an end result.

Only because I am completely devoid of crafty patience, I use my heat tool to dry the piece.

Using the paper trimmer, cut two channels in the panel.  Be mindful of the stamped image, making sure enough of the image remains on either side of the channels.

Use your scissors or straight edge to trim the paper that exists between the two cut lines.  Trim around the stamped image, also

Add a piece of designer paper to “bridge the gap” and you are all set to complete an amazing project!

I love the verse that is the focus of the Vintage Postcard set:  Proverbs 25:25.  "As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far away country."  It's my prayer that the Good News reaches all far away countries...to mend the broken hearted, to provide hope....we all need that!  Vintage Postcard is one of the sets you'll find in the Out With The Old area at SNSS......those retiring sets are going fast so, don't wait ;)

That's all for me today....may you be blessed!
TTFN, Jane

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