Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year!

With it being a brand new year and all, I guess I should wax philosophic a bit......I could reference the butterfly on my {gorgeous} card and liken it's journey from caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly of freedom......and, how representative that is of all of us on the verge of so many great things in this brand.  new.  year.

But, I won't.  Mostly because I just don't buy into the New Year hype.  I never really have.  Never been big on the whole new year resolution thing either--truth be told.

I'm not jaded or kermudgeny.....I just think every day is a gift.  Everyday is a day you should try to be your best and do your best.  Everyday is a day full of opportunity and hope.  Each day, we come a little closer to being who we are supposed to be.

New Year's just makes me feel old.....LOL!  As I struggled to stay awake until midnight, I used the time to create this colorful card.

I started with watercolor paper and my best and favorite sprays--Dylusions!  After it was all blendy and dried, I over stamped with the beautiful Vintage Botanicals Collage Palettini stamps (#P018) from Technique Junkie Stamps.  To finish it off, I've used the Bandana technique (TJ Newsletter 8/2008).  It's an oldie, but a goodie!

That is all.  Go be awesome!

TTFN, Jane


  1. OH, this is just to amazing, I pinned it...

  2. Happy New Year Jane! What a lovely card. The colors are so pretty! Welcome to the SNSS team. :)