Thursday, January 22, 2015

Note To Self.....

What is it that makes you shine?  I'm a firm believer that we all have our something......I had an opportunity to sub in a local elementary school's Early Childhood program this week.  None of the four kiddos in the class I worked in were verbal and yet each one tugged at my heart, connected with me and let their light shine. See, shine isn't necessarily reflected in the words of your mouth.  It's a thought worthy of pondering.....

What is it about you that shines?  Do you let it show?  On this journey called life, I think we are called to find that thing (or things) and go with it.  While we may "think" we want this job or that---this responsibility or title, I think it's more important to discover your gift.  When you do, it may not lead to the acclaim or notice you thought (and the world sells) you wanted.  Instead, you'll realize why they call it a gift....and, why it is something you won't be able to keep from sharing :)

Today, I have a fun card I created using the Technique Junkie technique, Tie It Together. This tutorial can be found in the last (December 2014) edition of the newsletter.  Even if you are not a subscriber, you can purchase on online version of the newsletter that will give you access to the wonderful goodness that is Technique Junkies.  I've adored being a Junkie for more than 8 years because I am never at a loss for an idea or a challenge.  To learn more, visit the TJ Home Page!

The stamp I've used to tie the technique together is from the Technique Junkie stamp line.  It's called Shine Today #SD441.  You'll find it and all sorts of other yummy images/sentiments in the TJ Stamps online catalog!

Now, think about what it is that makes you shine and, let it out! 

Thanks for stopping by and don't forget to be awesome!

TTFN, Jane

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