Tuesday, November 25, 2014

30 Days of Christmas at Technique Junkies!

Today, I'm joining my pal, Pat Huntoon for her 30 Days of Christmas feature over at Technique Junkies!  Be sure to go back to the beginning, on her blog, to see all of the Holiday cards she has already shared---then, stay tuned for the rest of what she has instore!  What a great way to inspire and get those creative juices flowing!!

I've chosen Father Christmas (SD311), from Technique Junkie Stamps, as my focal image--I find myself drawn to the vintagey look of this stamp and use it quite often!  I've also chosen a technique from the Shimmer, Glimmer, Sparkle and Shine CD to draw attention to this wonderful image and give my card the much needed bling (it's Christmas afterall)!  The technique is called Acetate Sparkle.  If you do not already own the SGS&S CD, you can order it here--what a great gift for you!  Be sure to check out the rest of the available CD's, also :)  There is something for everyone!!

I created the frosted background with an embossing folder, white pigment ink and my white distress marker.  I love that thing!

Just a bit of burlap, felt and a bauble......all finished! I only have a few dozen more Christmas cards to complete.....I have time, right?


Monday, November 24, 2014

Winter Wonderland.....

Welcome back to winter!  After a bit of a reprieve last week, Central Wisconsin is back to a snowy mess.....er.....Winter Wonderland?  LOL!  Here's the view out The Studio window!

A little snow isn't going to get me down, that's for sure!  It was just the perfect reason for a bit of creating!  If you can't beat it, join it?  So, I did!

I began by creating a background using the Splattered Ombre Watercolors Tutorial from Technique Junkie Newsletter. It's a fun little technique that looks very snowy to me!  You will find the technique located in the
June/July 2014 edition of the newsletter.  For more information about Technique Junkies, visit here!

I used the largest building from I Brake For Stamps'  Cats and Buildings stamp sheet.  After stamping the building on white cardstock, I colored it with a grey Copic marker--adding just a bit of yellow in a few of the window areas.  I stamped a second image and selected one building to highlight.....I imagine that would be my friend's house...I popped it up on dimensional tape to give the finished card a bit more interest!

My sentiment is also from IBFS, but I will save you the time of trying to seek it out on your own.  I used a sentiment from the Rick St. Dennis Holiday Bear Sheet.  It comes with a sentiment that says "Have a Beary Merry Christmas."  When inking it, I covered the "Have a Beary" portion before applying it to the ink pad.  I was able to omit that part and end up with the perfect sentiment!

Of course, if that is a bit too putzy for you, I'm sure you will find something perfect RIGHT HERE!

Thanks for stopping by!  TTFN, Jane

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Be You

Lessons are hard.  Right?  Had a little curve ball happen in my life in the past week.

We can get jaded about human beings, life....  We are bombarded every day, in the news, social media, about the despicable things people do.  We cling to the little rays of hope.....I think they call them "good news" stories.  How sad is it that we have a term for the good that happens?

In the midst of my latest storm, I am astounded by the support and good around me.  I expect it from my friends (and I love, love, love you more for it!), I guess.  Not complete strangers.

I've had the unfortunate opportunity to learn how to navigate my way through unemployment benefits.  I spoke with a man, John, today.  I could be a number to him.  I shouldn't matter to him.  He does it all day....hears the sob stories, the anger, the fear, the frustration.  Instead, this man who knows nothing about my situation, afforded me a compassion and kindness that was truly impressive.

About a week ago, I made this card.  Just playing around with some new goodies from I Brake For Stamps.  A week later, with my landscape completely altered, the sentiment holds even more meaning.  I'm talking about the middle phrase.....Be Bright!

Be bright.  You never know what the storm is that someone might be walking through.  Be bright.  Be a light.  You never know when you, yourself, will need one. 

My fun background?  A new little stencil from the I Brake For Stamps store!  You can see all available stencils here.  I have found a new obsession and love for stencils since helping Technique Junkies compile a brand new stencil focused CD.   You can learn about it here. 

The technique used here is called Grunge Stencil :)

Y'all know how I struggle with covering up amazing backgrounds so, I used vellum to stamp this fun image. I flipped it and colored it with my distress markers, added the sentiment and BOOM!  Fun and easy!

The stamp sheet used is called Fashionista.  I love the clear lines and sophistication of the sheet.  Be sure to check it out!  You can save by using my coupon code SAVE10JANE.  Pop on over and tell sweet Ms. Della I said hideehoe!!!


Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Caroling Cats.....

I'll admit it....I'm not a huge cat fan.....kittens, sure......all babies are cute, but cats?  I've encountered enough passive aggressive cat behavior to have formed a bit of dislike....HOWEVER, this cat image from the Cats and Buildings sheet , at I Brake For Stamps, is beyond cute!!!  I just adore it!

Doesn't it look like they are singing?  Caroling cats!  What else could make your Catmas merry?  LOL!!

I dug out and old time favorite technique from Technique Junkie Newsletter called, Cuttlebug Highlights (you'll find it in the October 2008 edition), for the background.  Using some old snap stamps, I created my one of a kind sentiment.

Cute and easy....I'm that kind of a girl.....

Fa la la la la....

TTFN & Thanks for stopping by!  Jane

PS--if you want to save on your own Cats and Buildings Sheet plus so much more, use my coupon code
SAVE10JANE in the I Brake For Stamps Store!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Choose Joy

It's election day!  Today, there are a lot of people who will be making choices--important choices.  Choices will be made whether you show up at the poll or not........let that sink in......it's still a choice so, please show up and really let your voice be heard!

This now concludes my political talk.  But, make no mistake, I have very clear political opinions.  I am not a what ever floats your boat kinda girl.....I just don't think my arty blog is the place for it ;)

I do, however, think it is the place to talk about joy!  Unity Stamp Co. joy, fall colors joy, stampy goodness joy!

When I got my October Layers of Life kit, I had to pull it out right away!  Using watercolor paper and distress inks, I created a colorful background. After first inking and misting with water to create a watercolory look, I then over stamped to give each beautiful leaf more definition.  I love this kit!!

I also love the "Choose Joy" sentiment.  It's different from the standard "wishy" sentiments like, "have a great day" or "happy birthday."  KWIM?   There seems to be power in it...it's a directive, a reminder, a choice....


TTFN, Jane

Monday, November 3, 2014


I waited.  And, waited.  Isn't it funny how much time we actually spending waiting?  Waiting to get older, waiting to drive, waiting to get married, have kids, get the perfect job......ugh!  The list is seemingly endless.

Ok, so I admit......I was waiting for my Bisters from I Brake For Stamps.  Nothing to traumatic.  I was busy and then not feeling well so, I stopped waiting...I actually kinda forgot.  Then, there they were!

So, it got me thinking, about stillness.  I love this sentiment--actually, I love the book it comes from and most importantly, I love the Author!! 

To be still we must give it up.  The anxiety, the worry, the control--right?  In stillness, we learn to hear--not necessarily with our ears, but with our hearts--our spirits.  I've allowed some very important truths to penetrate my stubbornness simply by being still.  It's often a tough road to hoe, but most things worth it generally are. We say we are practicing patience when we are waiting, but what if it were really stillness?  It seems to me that this world could use a lot more of that.....

Now, you are wondering what Bisters are and how I got from powdered pigment to an existential blah blah....

Powdered Pigments!  Yes, that is the best way I can describe them.  You scatter them on your cardstock and then activate with water mist.  I chose to use my Perfect Pearls mist on my first attempt.  They are pretty interesting.  I'm looking foward to playing around with different colors, papers, activators.  You can learn more about them by watching the video tutorial at I Brake For Stamps.

You'll find the rest of the goodies from my card in the IBFS store also!  Use my coupon code to save :)

TTFN and, be still.......