Saturday, January 11, 2014

Inspiration Through Relationship

I thought it only fitting to start my new blog---one that helps me to explore my creativity in a new way--with my very first mixed media canvas! I discovered my love for canvas art quite by accident. Always a careful student of new trends and arty stuff, I tucked ideas away and often lacked the confidence needed to just imerse. As things so often go, I was sent someone who began to coach me through a new view of myself, my abilities, my strenghts and my weaknesses. As my ideas began to change, I noticed myself welcoming risk more than fearing it so, I took the plunge! I tried something new. To my great pleasure, a whole new world of creative expression and satisfaction has revealed itself. The largest number of stamped images, on this canvas, are from Unity Stamps. I super {heart} them! So kind, so inspiring, so lovely! My blog name is actually from a Unity sentiment, "I am more than what you see", which sums up the heart of my heart right now. Thanks for stopping by! Jane