Saturday, March 1, 2014

Trust Your Heart

Trust your heart.  Believe.  Find your voice.  Be empowered.  Such great advice!  I'm often struck with a notion that ends up like this, on canvas--for a friend.  The process of creating a canvas is somewhat prayerful, in my opinion.  In fact, I often use it as time to dwell on the one I plan to give the canvas to. 

I made this canvas for a friend who is beginning a new journey in life.  One that is certain to have moments of doubt and struggle....they are all like that....journeys?  Anyway, I just wanted her to know that I am in her corner and believing!

The finished size of the canvas is 6" x 6".  It is perfectly sized for Open Your Heart from Donna Downey and Unity Stamp CO.  But wait!!  It's half off as I type!!  Head Over and look around!  The remaining setiments on the canvas are also on for Empowered Words :)  You are welcome!


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