Monday, March 2, 2015

Winter Womps.....

Am I right?  I know it is completely pointless to complain about the's beyond our control, I know.  But......I'm plenty done with the snow and the below zeros.....I've never given much thought to living somewhere other than Wisconsin, however, lately moving somewhere warmer has take root in my mind!

Mr. Bear's face seems to sum it right up!  Thanks for stopping by for my Monday I Brake For Stamps share!!

I was initially inspired by Andy Warhol and, then,  my twisted sense of humor.....Mr. Bear Square, from I Brake For Stamps, has such a stoic and humorless look on his face!!  After selecting some of my favorite colors and stamping each of them, I lamented over the perfect sentiment to tie the project together.....enter twisted humor....

Since I still don't have a stamp that says "Winter Womps" I had quite a challenge in front of me.  As I perused my extensive I Brake For Stamps collection, I happened upon this fabulous sheet, Floral Half Sheet 148B.  It made me chuckle!

Here's something else that will make you smile....YOU can save, in the I Brake For Stamps store, just by using my coupon code SAVE10JANE.

Thanks for stopping by--Have a great day and don't forget to be awesome!
TTFN, Jane

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