Thursday, March 19, 2015

Everything She Touches....

It's Technique Thursday!!  Thanks for joining me to see what kind of Technique Junkie goodies I'm going to chat about!  My project for today combines two of my very favorite TJ stamps.   I've loved both from first sight and just HAD to combine them into one project.  When you get to the blah, blah about the verse, Everything She Touches, I think you will understand.

She is Let's Face It 2 found in the Palettini Backgrounds section in the Technique Junkie Stamp Store.  I'm linking, but you do need to scroll down.  I do realize the store is a bit difficult to navigate at present and some items I use are not there.  This is why I always share the item number, if I have it.  Just so you know, a little bird has told me that in just a little bit, the TJ store will be getting a facelift!  I'm so excited!!  It's going to be super easy to navigate and explore!  Be sure to watch closely for more information--you don't want to miss anything!

The verse is called Everything She Touches (#SD352) and reads:

"She alters everything she touches....and everything she touches alters her."

Isn't that just the truth?? Read it again.  Alter.  Dwell.

It's been my experience that some people really don't give much mind to how they effect others.  I'm not exactly sure why that is.  I know that I am effected by others.  Some would say too much, at times, but I care deeply and have pretty solid beliefs about what we are supposed to be about on this earth.  This sentiment just resonates so deeply within me.  To that end, each day, I purpose to touch others--with a hearty hello, a smile, a compliment, an ear that listens.  It has the power to alter them.  It certainly alters me.  Join's a crusade, ya know!

I'll be sending this card on along the crusade....

Let's Face It + Verse is anchored to my background technique piece.  Working from the Technique Junkie's Artistic Effects CD and the Goosed Stains tutorial, I created a colorful, sparkly background.  The background stamp, also used, is called Leaf Repeat (#S608).  The sparkle comes from my use of a metallic stain, in addition to the several colors.  This is a great technique, a great CD!  I encourage each of you to get out your goodies and give it a whirl!  If you don't own the CD, you can get it HERE

Don't forget to be awesome! Go ahead and touch something....alter it, be altered--

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  1. Hey Jane! Thought I'd pop by and become a follower as a new member to the TJ Design team. I love your post - very introspective and absolutely true. So many we come in contact impact us in ways they have no clue. Good on you for bringing forth some positivity in this world. I too love this stamp and was THRILLED to have it in my bag of goodies. Can't wait to see more of your beautiful creations. Kathy