Monday, February 2, 2015

Broken Fences

Happy Monday, and thank you for stopping by for a fresh start of the week and my I Brake For Stamps Monday project!

Today, I'm bringing you a colorful and texture full project I created using those fabulous Bisters!  If you are new to bisters, the IBFS store has a great video featuring their use.  I find that I am a complete sucker for any and all forms of color!  In fact, I stamp because I adore color.  So, I am always fascinated and on board with any and all types of coloring medium!

I started by masking off the edges of a piece of watercolor paper with low tack tape.  Afterwards, I applied a sprinkling of Red, Yellow and Natural bisters.  To activate the bisters, I spritzed with a generous amount of water. I used a considerable amount of water because I wanted a blended, watercolored effect.  You can control the outcome of your bister art by controlling the application and amount of water you use.  It's fun to play around to see what you can make happen!

I moved the saturated color around a bit by rolling my paper and using a heat gun.  Again, the outcome is influenced by all of these events.  I used my finger to move some color around.  And, at one point, I removed some of the color with a paper towel and, I didn't like it!  So, I just added more water and rolled the paper around a bit more.

When the piece was completely dry, I stamped the beautiful silhouette garden image from Stamp Half Sheet 138B.  Because I wanted to maintain the clean paper frame, I only removed the low tack tape after stamping the image.  Next, I mounted the art piece on a portion of black cardstock and added a random, sloppy stitch around the border.  I think I may just be figuring out that little mini Janome machine!   It's a handy little thing and a nice way to add texture to a project.  Thanks to one of my readers (yay, Nance!) I may have figured out my breaking thread issue.....

To complete my card, I added a punched shape with the sentiment, also from the Half Sheet 138B.  It reads: "Friends overlook your broken fence and admire your garden." Isn't that the truth?  I've been reflecting a bit on my best gal pal from many many moons ago since she recently became older than me!  We became friends in 1978 (gasp!)  It seems so long ago doesn't it?  But, I remember that day in 4th grade when Ms. Helf announced we would have a new student.  I was excited to learn that she lived just around the block from me.  Thirty seven years later, we remain friends and I am ever certain that she isn't the least bit distracted by my broken ya, girl...(you know who you are!)

That's it for me, friends!
TTFN & don't forget the awesome!

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