Thursday, February 12, 2015

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It's a Junkie kind of a day....thanks for stopping in to check on my Technique of the Week ala Technique Junkies!

I have to admit, I've had a sensational week so far!  I've had an opportunity to sub in an EBD classroom in our local school district and it has been a fast paced, often tiring, but heart warming experience.  I don't particularly have specific experience working with emotionally and behaviorally disordered children in a classroom environment.  My experience lies in working inpatient psych in an acute care hospital--our patients, in that time, were viewed as broken.  I don't particularly have specific training in education either, but I've trained for many years as a mom and dabbled in a few early childhood work situations.  I do, however, find that I have a knack for the classroom (if I do say so  myself!) and, I've decided a few things:

Kids are amazing little studies in human nature.  In an environment that teaches respect and acceptance by doing AND speaking it, excellent human beings can be grown.  Inclusion is understanding that we are not all the same and that's okay.  Compassion is understanding and respecting the limits of another while treating them just like any other friend.  Seeing the value in every single person is powerful.  Writing anyone off just will not do.

Like the butterflies in my project....I'm on the verge of something.......

But, enough about me :)  I'm pulling a project out of the vault for this week as my creative time has been cut short.  I created this colorful piece for the Technique Junkie Sensational Stencil CD.  The Stencil and Doodle technique is just one of the 40 techniques available on this CD (it may be my favorite...) and if you don't yet own it, you can find it here!

Also available from the Technique Junkie stamp line are the Simple Sentiments, Style 2 I used to finish my card!  Feel free to check them out here....and, be sure to look around at all the other goodies while you are there!

Thank for stopping by.....don't forget the awesome...
TTFN, Jane

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