Monday, March 4, 2019

Powerful Words...

Happy Monday, Sweet Friends!  I'm returning to work today and I don't mind telling you that I'm full of all kinds of different thoughts and feelings.  Praise God that I am able to return to work!!  I've missed my coworkers and the children we serve.  I've missed the daily contact with the outside world and all it's normalcy.  But, I'm different now and change/transitions can be hard.  My body is different and, by the grace of God, so are my mind and heart.  I am grateful that I am allowed the opportunity to resume my daily activities; to get back to my life and begin, again, to focus on something more than cancer.

Our pastor preached this week on the power of the Word and the power of words.  It was a great message.  We are inundated with words.  The words we speak to others as well as the words we give ourselves.  Words can give life; build up and encourage.  And, words can destroy; tear down and damage. 

Our culture gives a lot of time and attention to the words we speak to others.  The stand we take on this issue or that, how we show kindness, freedom of speech, etc.  How often, however, do we consider the words we speak over ourselves? What is filling your mind?

At a time such as this, I think we must start to pay attention to our internal chatter and we must learn to speak words of life to ourselves; to heal old wounds, to live according to His purpose for our lives.  How often are we holding ourselves back from the life He would give us because of our insecurities, our past wounds?

I started making these scripture cards--flashcards, if you will.  The first time I shared them, I believe I said I didn't know what I would do with them.  I read them.  Often.  I memorize them and bury God's promises in my heart.  The set of seven I am sharing today belong to a dear friend of mine. 

Each card is crafted with stamps from Sweet N Sassy Stamps, distress inks, gelli plate inkings, stitching, prayer and lots of love.  I've listed the specific stamp(s) set under each card.

My Friend, retired

You don't have to have fancy cards to bury His Word in your heart.  Just some time, prayer and His Word is all you need.  

Blessings, Jane

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