Monday, June 20, 2016

Zebra Butterflies

Happy Monday!  I have an earthy butterfly collage to share today that's all colorful and such due to my favorite......bisters and, I Brake For Stamps!

I'm kind of like a scientist when it comes to bisters (LOL!  not really).....I keep on experimenting, just sure I am about to make a huge discovery!!  Well, I'm always hoping to find the key to keeping the colors nicely saturated and colorful.  For this experiment, I spritzed my water color paper first and then added the crystals.  I tried to limit the moisture while still breaking down the crystals--although a certain amount is necessary.  I also tried working in layers, drying in between color applications--that may be the best bet! I'm not sure if you can tell, but I feel like this piece has some of the best color separation I've achieved so far---I can't tell you how many pieces started with all the colors and just ended up brown :(  Definitely not the look I want!

To finish things off, I added a beautiful collage image from I Brake For Stamps called Zebra Butterfly Collage. It has just the right amount of open spaces to show off a colorful background! 

I'm all about color this week as my kiddos are performing in Joseph and Technicolor Dream Coat!!  Stay tuned for more color! 

Shine and Be Awesome!  Jane

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