Monday, December 29, 2014

Come, Sail Away.....

 Happy Monday!

When I was in my earliest twenties, (a billion years ago...), I spent two amazing summers working at the marina in my hometown.  I was a dock hand, a store clerk and part of the charter crew.  I met amazing people, dated a boat designer for a little while (it was pretty cool in my circle at the time...), hung out with great friends and spent every day in "vacation" land.  The marina always had a different beat, a vacation clock, a happy hour feel.  It was wonderful!  I was tan and happy 24:7. 

Even though I haven't been sailing in years, the mere image of a sailboat conjours up many wonderful memories for me of times on the water, friendships I've made, fun I've had.

As we sail into the new year, it's a time to look forward and set a course for success.  I have much faith in what the new year will bring to my life....not even a clue, but much faith!

Today, I'm sharing a fun and colorful card with a boating theme.  Funny, but the image comes from an I Brake for Stamps sheet called, Always Time for Friendship!  

I began with a section of double sided designer paper, cutting two same sized pieces and layering them as you see.  The grayish/brownish (I can't decide what color it actually is) piece is the first layer; the top designer paper has the large half circle cut out of it.  I like it this way for the added dimension it creates in real life.

I've used Always Time For Friendship sheet and Typewriter/Diamonds, from I Brake For Stamps, to complete the stamping on my card.  The "best wishes" I created using a jumbo rotary stamp I picked up.....I like the look of it....I think it's kind of manly?

Thanks for stopping by and listening to my rambling reminiscing!

TTFN, Jane


  1. Awesome card. BTW, thanks so much for the blog candy from the Holiday coffee Lovers Hop, I got home from Denver to a wonderful surprise.

  2. This is a beautiful card, Jane! I had to come and look...the uhm, description of stamp collecting -- otherwise known as hoarding (which I know nothing about!)... Your artwork is lovely.