Thursday, December 18, 2014

Let's Face It....

Let's face it, you ARE beautiful and brilliant!!  It says so right there.  But, let's also face it, do most of us believe that?  I'm pretty awesome....just ask my kids, I tell them ALL the time how awesome I am!

Just between us, though.....most of the time I am completely on the opposite end of believing I am beautiful or brilliant.  Yet this verse and the intention spoke so strongly to me.  Why?  Because separate from all the "tapes" in my head (and, maybe to overcome them), I absolutely want to believe this about myself.  AND, I want you all to believe it about yourselves too.  It's easy for me to see the beauty and brilliance of you, my friends.....I'm working on seeing it in myself.

I've found great release and creativity in the creation of canvas art.  I love to build meaning into my canvas'.  It's a very purposeful art form, I find.  In some ways, it's like scrapbooking.  Each canvas tells a story.

I started this canvas with a stencil that bears the words "pretty, cute, gorgeous, divine and glamourous"  If you look closely, you can see a hint of the words.....I know it's there!  Now, you do too!  We should adopt words like these as our private mantra's.  I bet we could overwrite a few "tapes" simply by speaking truth over ourselves.  What do you think?

This canvas is full of paint, gesso and lots of Technique Junkie Stamp goodness!  To adorn the edges, in white paint, I've used Layered Doilies (#S558).  The focal image is one of the beautiful images from the Palenttini Collection, called Let's Face It 2 (#P007).  The solidly important verse is called Beautiful and Brilliant (#SD435) and reads:

"she told herself that she was beautiful and brilliant and one day she woke up and finally believed it."

It's my wish for all of you...all of us....believe it!

TTFN, Jane