Monday, October 30, 2017

Calms His Child....

I shared this 6 x 6 canvas over on the Creative Worship blog for Sweet N Sassy Stamps last week and wanted to share it here as well. Mostly because I love it and all of you.  It's Monday and I have a day of vacation after spending some time this weekend with one of my favorite people.

That's him.....last year as a senior doing one of the things he loves most.  This year, off to college!  Gosh, I love him so much!!  College has felt like a bit of a storm in my life so far.  The letting go.  It's hard.  It's all about redefining.  And, adjusting to what they call "new normal."  The kicker is, there just is no such thing as a normal.  Am I right? 

In this walk, I'm learning that nothing stays the same.  Just as soon as I think I'm used to something, it all changes.  But, really, that is the storm.  Sometimes, the storm is a breezy rain with patches of lightening and maybe a little hail.  Sometimes, it feels like a full blown hurricane and it rages on and on....

Praise God that He both calms the storm and His children--all in His infinite wisdom!!  Where would I be without Him?

I created my canvas by started by layering bible pages in a random pattern using mod podge. I had picked up a tattered and well loved Gideon bible at Goodwill a bit ago.  I love the idea of praying over my art and found it to be a calming piece to the over all art project.  I colored several pages by applying distress inks directly to my non-stick sheet and then dipping the pages until I got the right look.  Once dry, I was able to stamp and trim images from Fantastic Flowers and Scribble Flowers.  the center sentiment, Calms His Child, is a favorite of mine as well.  A few of the other textures that can be seen are the gold background created using texture paste and a stencil and some sequins. I've been in love with sequins for quite some time now and added just a few for a little bit of bling.

I hope you enjoy!!  TTFN, Jane

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