Thursday, August 11, 2016

Everybody Has A Story.....

Have you ever heard, "Everybody has a kind"?  I try hard to remember this. Sometimes, it's harder than others.  I work in an environment that comes face to face with those stories, yet it feels more like a puzzle to wade through most of the time.  It helps to remind myself that I don't know the whole story.  Not for the kids I serve and definitely not for the parents who are doing what they can.  It's easy to think they aren't doing the best, but I must remember, they are doing their best.....and, sometimes that just sucks.  But, I don't know their story.  I need to remember this so I can remain kind.

For many of us, the story is the storm.  Right?  The junk that defines us?  That molds us, shapes us, changes us.  I've been pondering my storm lately.  Life is hard.  Parents get sick, friends aren't what I thought, I get older, my kids start to leave, the world is full of super bad stuff, politics :), not enough money, not enough time, and on and on.....

But, GOOD pondering really hasn't been on the junk.  When I think about the storm, I'm drawn over and over again to the truth of Christ and the way He carries me; the ways I find Him in the middle of the storm and--strangely, my gratitude for the storm.  I'm forever amazed and grateful that I find Him there.  Have you?  Finding Him doesn't change the storm, it changes you.

I created this canvas to honor and remind.....made it for a couple of folks who know the storm too well, but have also met Him there....for this, I am grateful.

I was anxious to use the brand new Scribble Flower set from Sweet 'N Sassy Stamps! The focal sentiment is such a great image and wonderful reminder, Calms His Child, also from Sweet 'N Sassy Stamps.  I shared some of the how-to over on the Creative Worship blog.  Feel free to check it out! 

I read every comment you kindly leave for me, so if you have questions, you can comment and I will respond.

If your storm is currently raging, be sure you are not alone!  Pray for calm--He will meet you there!

Be You...Be Awesome,