Monday, July 13, 2015

Dare To Be Different

Happy Monday and Welcome to my blog!  I'm so glad you stopped by for my Monday I Brake For Stamps post.  I've stepped out of the box a little (for me) and tried something new without really even realizing it until I was at the "pull it together" point.

The background/focal point of my project was unintentional and really just about feeding my soul.  The biggest reason I stamp is the  therapeutic value.  I find great peace in doing things other might consider putzy--like fussy cutting and zentangling (which is kind of a fancy word for doodling, I think)!  I like becoming absorbed in a project and working with my hands rather than my mouth.  I like the way art teaches me to follow as I watch an action become a completed work.  There is great release in this for me.

After a very busy week, I desperately wanted into The Studio.  Once I got there, however, I was still feeling drained and uninspired.  On my desk, lay the clutter from weeks earlier.  I had been using a fabulous Stampinback Stencil from I Brake For Stamps. It was part of my desk clutter.  Also on my desk, were a collection of distress inks.  So, I picked up a few of my favorite colors and created a colorful stenciling.  Really just focusing on the soothing effect of adding color to white card stock and blending them together.  Later, I started the doodles.  Eventually, I thought about my commitments and decided to abandon the doodles for something more productive.....more blog worthy........and then, still needing the peace, I returned to doodle the remainder.

Once done, I couldn't cover up any of it, so I opted for some stitching around the perimeter.  I also like to sew---but just on my cards.  I know, I'm a dork.  But, it makes me feel accomplished--because sewing is hard :)  I mounted the sentiment,  Dare To Be Different, on a die cut that mirrors the zig zag stitching and added a few sequins---because, who doesn't like a bit of sparkle?  Next thing I was blog worthy :) and different--just the way I like it.

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Make it a great day, be awesome! 
TTFN, Jane

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  1. GORGEOUS! Isn't it amazing the outcome of some of our creative play. Just allowing yourself to feel the moment and make beautiful art. How can anyone be stressed when you get to create like this. Oh I just love your work Jane. Good Show!