Thursday, November 20, 2014

Be You

Lessons are hard.  Right?  Had a little curve ball happen in my life in the past week.

We can get jaded about human beings, life....  We are bombarded every day, in the news, social media, about the despicable things people do.  We cling to the little rays of hope.....I think they call them "good news" stories.  How sad is it that we have a term for the good that happens?

In the midst of my latest storm, I am astounded by the support and good around me.  I expect it from my friends (and I love, love, love you more for it!), I guess.  Not complete strangers.

I've had the unfortunate opportunity to learn how to navigate my way through unemployment benefits.  I spoke with a man, John, today.  I could be a number to him.  I shouldn't matter to him.  He does it all day....hears the sob stories, the anger, the fear, the frustration.  Instead, this man who knows nothing about my situation, afforded me a compassion and kindness that was truly impressive.

About a week ago, I made this card.  Just playing around with some new goodies from I Brake For Stamps.  A week later, with my landscape completely altered, the sentiment holds even more meaning.  I'm talking about the middle phrase.....Be Bright!

Be bright.  You never know what the storm is that someone might be walking through.  Be bright.  Be a light.  You never know when you, yourself, will need one. 

My fun background?  A new little stencil from the I Brake For Stamps store!  You can see all available stencils here.  I have found a new obsession and love for stencils since helping Technique Junkies compile a brand new stencil focused CD.   You can learn about it here. 

The technique used here is called Grunge Stencil :)

Y'all know how I struggle with covering up amazing backgrounds so, I used vellum to stamp this fun image. I flipped it and colored it with my distress markers, added the sentiment and BOOM!  Fun and easy!

The stamp sheet used is called Fashionista.  I love the clear lines and sophistication of the sheet.  Be sure to check it out!  You can save by using my coupon code SAVE10JANE.  Pop on over and tell sweet Ms. Della I said hideehoe!!!


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