Tuesday, December 31, 2019


You may have seen my finished faithdex card when I shared it on Instagram (you can follow me @stampymom5) on Christmas Day.  Today, I thought I would share the rest of the story.  I've thought about starting a regular creative feature where I show you how I resurrected some project after a major mess up or goof! I certainly seem to have a lot of them!   I'm telling you, Sisters (and Brothers?) I painstakingly water colored this faithdex card.  And, I loved it!  The florals from Happy Irises at Sweet N Sassy Stamps are fun to color!  It was going to be fabulous.  I was proud of it.  I couldn't wait to share it.  Kind of like me trying to go my own way sometimes...you know?  Just one last step--add the sentiment from The Future set (also from Sweet N Sassy Stamps).

I may have CRIED. OUT. LOUD.

This is not an optical illusion or fuzzy computer screen--this is the real deal.  I was just about to start over, when that little creative voice whispered--fix it.  I surrendered to the process and found myself better than where I started. 

Just like in real life, the Word came to my rescue.  I pulled a page from a thrift store bible straight out of the sermon my pastor had preached that day--about Hope.  This little project was a great reminder to me of how God works with our broken pieces.  Battered and torn though we may be, He uses it all for His glory.  And, Hope came down so we could be restored.

I will hope in the character of God.  His plan, His provision, His love, His will.  Let it be.

I finished the backside of this card with more iris images and Sweet N Sassy Stamps from Typewriter Block Alphabet and Trust In The Lord.

Did you notice the sentiment?

It is better to Hope in the God who controls all things
that to despair in the things that are out of our control.

Let us Hope.

In Him, Jane

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