Sunday, August 26, 2018

God Is Bigger

This is a blog post I never thought I'd be writing.....not in a million years.  But, life is funny that way---always handing out what we least expect.  In just a few short weeks (2 1/2 to be certain), I've gone from being a relatively carefree 50 year old momma walking through the first pangs of college age kids to a cancer patient.  It's moved so rapidly, I have to keep reminding myself of my new reality.

A little something not right.  A call to my provider.  A visit.  Follow up mammogram and then an ultrasound launched me right smack in the middle of more tests and procedures than I've had in all of my life up to this point.  By the grace of God, I have an amazing doctor who pushed through barriers, and nurses who fought for tests to be done--I had my first chemo treatment less than two weeks from receiving my diagnosis.

I discount none of it and know beyond a shadow of doubt that this has been the work of my Heavenly Father, who is able and who will heal me.  I'm so grateful for the hands and feet of Jesus that I have come to know in this short little time.  I build my testimony to the great and steadfast love of my Father daily. 

My girl and I decided to start bullet journaling.  I wanted to use mine to chronicle this journey.  I want a place of accountability--when I say I will pray for you, I will and I wanted a place to keep it all organized.  I also want to be very intentional about noticing the hand of God on my life:

 Art has always been a great source of joy and comfort for me.  I'm blessed to be part of the Sweet N Sassy Stamps team in ways that go far beyond cute stamps and coloring tools.  I used some of those cute stamps to create this layout:  Awesome Thoughts (retired) and Note This. More than that, though, I've found peace and calm in this storm--pray with me......



  1. with each song 89Q offers, the sermons in Church, and my mysterious stone placed in my mailbox, i pray for you and your family each day.

  2. I'll be praying for you! God is great and ever faithful!

  3. God bless you and keep you in his loving and caring hands. Many prayers being said for you.