Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Heart & Soul

Today, I am wishing a Happy Birthday to my sweet friend, Korin!  She IS Sweet 'N Sassy Stamps and today is her day!!

Korin has a heart for God that inspires me.  In her honor, I created this page in my new bible journal.  It's a brand new creative process for me--one that Korin has encouraged with her amazing Creative Worship line, her words of encouragement and her generous sharing of her own art and learning process.

As I began my creative process for this page, I poured over the words found in 1 Chronicles.  This particular portion starts, "set your heart and soul to seek the Lord your God..." 1 Chronicles 22:19 (My ESV actually says "set your mind and heart to seek the Lord your God..." however, the heart and soul wording from another translation really resonated with me.  Therefore, I'm using it all!)

I find art to be much like music for me....it meets me in a place where I cannot articulate sentences or words, even, to describe my experience.  To be truthful, sometimes, it's just a project or just a song, but other times, it feels transforming and like another form of worship.  A wordless way to meet my God and feel His strength, comfort and love.

I'm so grateful to know Korin and to be able to work, learn and worship with her.  Happy Birthday, Sweet Friend!  I wish you a year of health, restoration and the desires of your heart!

Seek....and, find......

If you are curious to know what stamps I used, I got crafty with:

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  1. This is a beautiful page, Jane~! And sweet sentiments for the birthday girl!