Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Faith Sees.....

Happy Middle of the Week!!  Today, I'm sharing a fun card I threw together, mostly because I had a burning need to color!  I feel it coming on again........;)

I spent my Christmas money on some Spectrum Aqua markers and, let's just say....I was not disappointed!  I stamped and masked a cluster of Lotus flowers using the Lovely Lotus stamp set from Sweet 'N Sassy Stamps on water color paper. 

I've been experimenting with paper since I really don't know much about water color papers.  My MIL gifted me a pad of Canson Cold Press--which I like.  It doesn't pill up like some other papers I've had.  Pilling is not good in my book!  I also have a pad of Cold Press Bee Paper--I honestly cannot recall where or when I picked this up---just a happy surprise when organizing the Studio one day.  It has more texture, or tooth as they say, than the Canson.  I like the added texture and find it to absorb quickly.  This isn't my favorite for washes or when I want to move the colors around a bit.  But, it definitely has it's place! 

I also have a pad of Fabriano Hot Press which has very little tooth--or, is smooth.  I save this for special and well thought out projects as it is the priciest pad I have.  Definitely hoard worthy!  That's about the extent of my information at this point--I couldn't really even call it knowledge--but if you are looking for some of that, you might want to check out this post from Water Color Misfit.

I finished my project with a verse from the Sweet N Sassy Stamps' Faith Set.  What are you working on?

Be Awesome--Jane

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