Thursday, November 26, 2015

Let Our Lives Be Full......

It is my most sincere wish that our lives be full of both Thanks and Giving!! 

So, I missed the 30 days of Thankful on Facebook, but I do try to start each day reminding myself and thanking my God for all that I have been blessed with.  Here is my short list:

A God who loves me enough to die for me
My husband, quirky, charming and patient
My kids, smart, challenging, kind, fun
My parents, gaining health, supportive, loving
My coworkers, accepting, encouraging, fun
My Church, loving, supportive, nurturing

My know who you are and I hope you know what you mean to me!

I could look around, like so many, and focus on my fears or what I feel I don't have, but when I examine the larger picture, I have more than some; I have less than others.  My struggles are smaller than some.  I am surrounded with resources, with encouragers, with people who genuinely care for me.  With all this, I can do anything.  Life is.  It's good at times, it's hard at others.  But, I am grateful from the tip of my nose to the bottom of my toes.

So, here's some art.  Enjoy!

Images, sentiments and dies from Stampin' Up!

Enjoy.  Be Safe.  Relax.

Be Awesome, 'cuz you are!---Jane

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