Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Reinventing Monday.....

Happy Pseudo Monday!!  You know it's going to feel like one all day, right?  So, let's just call it Moneusday and get on with it!!  Thank you for popping by for my weekly I Brake For Stamps share! 

I stamped all day yesterday!  It was heaven!  I couldn't help but spend some time reflecting on the fact that yesterday was Memorial Day and what that means.  I've read a lot of comments from veterans about it not being a holiday and how they cringe at the sound of "Happy" Memorial Day!  I get it.  And, there really isn't a "happy" about it.  However, there is, in my heart, a deep and abiding reverence for all that is, was and will be given by members of our Armed Services.  So, like my verse says, my thoughts and prayers were with the vets and their families......

I started with.....Bisters!  Suprise!  I just can't stop.  There's something so very arty about using a medium that is difficult to duplicate.  Not that I've actually tried to obtain the same result twice, but I just know, from my experience with Bisters, that it would be difficult.  This background was achieved in layers.  I find that it is easiest to maintain the color saturation if you stop and dry between applications.

I added a few berry sprigs from this beautiful sheet called, Birds.  That fat little birdie (I have no idea what kind of varmit that is, but I'm sure one of you knows!) is also from the same sheet.  I have a weird hate/love relationship with birds.  In real life, they completely freak me out.  However, I am inexplicably drawn to bird images....what is that about?

My verse can be purchased separately or as part of Inspiration Sheet Plate #5.  When you stop by the I Brake For Stamps Store, be sure to say a warm hello to sweet, Ms. Della.  You can use my savings code, SAVE10JANE, too!

Make it a great one and don't forget to be awesome!
TTFN, Jane

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