Monday, April 7, 2014

Hippie Birds and Some Other Fun Stuff....

So, now you're probably wondering "what's that title all about?"  Hippie Birds?  Fun Stuff?  I'm showing off a project I made for the most recent edition of the Technique Junkie Newsletter.  The technique is called Tie Dye Circles and can be found in the April/May 2014 edition.

It's a fun little technqiue--a something different, which always appeals to me.  When I created this technique piece, it reminded me of peacock feathers.  Naturally, I completed the card with one of my favorite peacock images from I Brake For Stamps! 

I do, infact, have a bit of a love/hate relationship with birds.  On most days, they completely creep me out--ya, the everyday kind of living-find-them-dead-outside-my-windows, kinda way.  Yet, I am repeatedly drawn to bird images when I stamp, wall decorations, etc.  It's odd.  I do love to see peacocks and pheasents--so gorgeous and the colors! 

For the last seven years or so, I've been particularly fond of the peacock.  One day, shortly after moving to a new town, I was feeling sad and disconnected.  The weather was grey, cold, threatening rain or snow.  I traveled a back road to pick my kiddos up from school.  On the way, this afternoon, I was having a bit of pity party and wondering why I had been stuck in the cold, godforsaken place.  I glanced out the window and there, in full bloom, on the side of the road was a peacock.  Even on the grey day, the vivid colors of his feathers stood out.  I took it as a sign that life would get better, I would get better and beauty would did :)

You can have a bit of beauty yourself, visit Ms. Della in the IBFS store and tell her I sent you!  You can save with my coupon code SAVE10JANE---isn't that beautiful??

TTFN, Jane

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